Flamenco, Spain

Estrella Morente


What a family, what a girl! Estrella Morente has many people to follow after. Her grandparents, just like her uncles, are among the great names of flamenco, her mother is the dancer Aurora Carbonell and her father is none other than Enrique Morente, the unparalleled expert who shook up flamenco codes and dogmas. And, it’s her father, who died on 13 December 2010, who showed his daughter the slightly offbeat way by inviting her to contribute to his records as a child, before she made her own collection. From 2001, the success of “Mi Cante Y Poema” announced Estrella Morente as a future Spanish star. And, today, there’s no doubt about this. For the last ten years, the beauty from Grenada has shined to create her signature style with a crystalline voice peppered by a few feline dance steps. Who could forget her troubling version of “Volver”, Gardel’s tango that was the musical highlight of Almodovar’s film? “I’m afraid of meeting the past that comes back to confront me. I’m afraid of the nights filled with memories that chain my dreams.” These heart-rending words still resonate five years later with the gypsy star who, having inherited the desire to surpass stylistic boundaries, remains nevertheless a fervent discipline of the traditional chanting that recounts Arab-Andalusian history, which has always been a fertile ground for encounters. She perfumes each of her simultaneously sensual and carnal interpretations with the essence of flamenco drawing on the grace of her faultless technique and the elegance of a poetry without pathos.