Flamenco dance

Bach Flamenco

This is where cello suites meet flamenco dancing. And there’s more…

Choreography and dance : Veronica Vallecillo
Cello : Raphaël Perraud (principal cellist of the French National Orchestra) or Raphaël Chrétien

Two worlds that were never meant to meet come together in a daring, passionate and intimate performance of music from the great Bach and flamenco. The cellos suites by J.S. Bach make you want to dance as was originally intended. The sarabands, minuets, gavottes and other gigas interpreted by the cellist Raphaël Perraud harmonise with the contemporary flamenco gestures of Veronica Vallecillo to shake up the compositions from the old master from Leipzig. The cellist and dancer join together for a profoundly human exchange where the different colours of their artistic souls merge. Suites N° 1, 2 and 5.