Ethiopia, France

Badume’s Band & Selamnesh Zéméné

Since 2007, Badume’s Band revisits the golden age of Ethiopian music. The ETHIOPIQUES tour with the legendary Mahmoud Ahmed and Alémayéhu Eshèté will take them to the most prestigious stages in the world until 2015. At the same time, they meet the one who makes the whole Addis Ababa dance, the young Azmari singer Selamnesh Zéméné with whom he records a first album Ale Gena Ethiopia in 2012. Like her aunt Eténèsh Wassié, Selamnesh Zéméné is considered one of the great female voices of Ethiopia. Spotted at the Fendika, azmaribet ambianced since 2008 by the incredible dancer Melaku Belay, she participates in her first concerts in France including the Africolor festival. She also collaborates with many international projects including the American group Debo Band or The Nile Project (tours USA, Europe, Africa). In 2018 at the Ethno Port festival in Poznan (Poland) and then at WOMAD UK,  Badume’s Band and the young diva presented a preview of the repertoire prefiguring this new album released on September 17, 2021. Selamesh Zéméné brings here a poetic writing with influences marked by his Azmari origins where improvisation holds an important place. Three of the founding members of the BADUME’S BAND sign the arrangements.