Portugal, Fado

Carla Pires

New album “Aqui”

With her luminous alto voice, Carla Pirès joyfully modernises traditional music with unique repertoires and refined arrangements, whilst drawing on a heightened sense of theatricality to provoke emotions and convey the full poetic power of fado. Since “Iha do Meu Fado”, her first collection released in 2005, Carla Pires has made a name for herself in a genre where we’ve lost count of all the great names. Even before her album, which opened up international stages from Japan to Sweden stopping by Turkey, she was already famous in Portugal for her role as Amalia in a successful musical comedy. There’s no doubt that she has inherited the unspoken melancholy of her famous predecessors that gives such poetic force to fado, to the lyrics and music known as the “tears of Lisbon”. However, her approach has been refreshed with a resolutely modern feel through jazz-inspired arrangements where her sensual alto voice presents and imposes her vision whilst drawing on elements of the theatrical. “Fado is not only about sadness. I have chosen another image to sing of other souls, other colours and to convey a less sombre image.”  There’s no doubt that this woman who prefers red to black knows that the future lies in a far more open vision that moves beyond overused clichés – even if this means taking more eccentric paths, such as elegantly reworking “Os Argonautas” by Brazilian cantor Caetano Veloso.