Piano, Spain


Dorantes belongs to one of the oldest flamenco lines, Los Peñas-Perrrate – Pinini-Bacán. A Sevillian musician with flamenco and academic roots in equal parts, he retains the candor of someone who is proud of his origins. Grandson of the cantaora La Perrata, son of guitarist Pedro Peña, nephew of El Lebrijano, a large family which links Utrera through his grandmother and Jerez through Diego Carrasco, another great name, cousin of his father. Falling in love with his grandparents’ piano as a child, Dorantes excels in a field where the guitar is king. When he performed years ago at the Seville Flamenco Biennale, everyone was amazed by an extraordinary young pianist. Dorantes is the first gypsy to study piano, harmony and composition at the university (Royal Conservatory of Seville), he is characterized by the contemporaneity of his compositions and his freedom of creation. He is an artist who shies away from versions and standards, an original creator. His first disc Orobroy, an anthem associated with Seville, Andalusia and Spain throughout the world, opened doors and brought unquestionable value to instrumental flamenco. Today, after his first 20 years on the stage, he is one of the most recognized and awarded figures in flamenco.

An indefatigable and studious worker, he has performed recognized works for Orchestra and has appeared in major international festivals.