Israel Fernández

Available, festivals 2024, season 2024/2025
New album Pura Sangre released 2023, nominated Latin Grammy Awards.

Israel Fernández was born into a gypsy family in Corral de Almaguer, Toledo. With deep Andalusian roots he grew up with flamenco culture as his heritage. From an early age he began to develop important musical skills and won his first competition at the age of 11, Tu Gran dia, on Spanish national television. With his heart-rending voice and innate sense of harmony and rhythm, Israel Fernández has breathed a personal style into traditional flamenco singing, an expression of the heritage of the great flamenco masters and the brilliance of youth. His vast knowledge, his finesse, the sweetness of his voice and his natural sensitivity make this singer from Toledo a contemporary bearer of an ancestral art appreciated by flamenco lovers but also by a completely new public.

In fifteen years he has released five albums, including Universo Pastora in 2018, a tribute to one of the most important figures in the history of flamenco, Pastora Pavón (‘La Niña de los Peines’) and Amor in 2020, have been acclaimed by critics and the public. Amor, nominated at the Latin Grammy’s as best flamenco album, is considered one of the best albums of 2021 by several specialised publications, such as Rockdelux, ABC, Mondo Sonoro and Babelia. The single La Inocencia, produced by El Guincho (Rosalia) and Diego de Morao, was one of the most listened to songs of the year and named best flamenco song of the Odeon Awards. Pura Sangre is also nominate at the Latin Grammy’s as best flamenco album.  He is also one of the few Spanish musicians to have recorded on the international platform COLORS.

Israel Fernandez is accompanied by guitarist Diego del Morao, considered by most flamenco experts as one of the greatest guitarists of today, whose influence is already being felt by the new generation of guitarists. As a talented composer and musician, he is an essential part of the creation of the new music of Israel whose sounds and special toque are recognized.
Together they compose, play and improvise on stage, making each show as different as the other and creating a unique atmosphere of their own.


Israel Fernandez, a phenomenon based on the revision of the old style (Luis Ybarra, ABC)
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Universo Pastora is one of the best albums of the year (Manuel Bohorquez, El Correo de Andalucía)
From brilliant child to a brilliant singer (Javier Losilla, El Periódico de Aragón)
A mature flamenco, with a personal stamp and a man of his time (Andrés Raya, Flamenco en mi memoria)
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