Niño de Elche

2016 has started strong for NIÑO DE ELCHE. Absolute winner in the Best Of 2015 lists (El Pais, Rockdelux…) in the coming months he will be back on the road with his trio (Raul Cantizano, guitars; Dario del Moral, bass and machines). He will play more than 12 Spanish cities before May; he will visit London for the first time with this same band, and he will take part in different programs along Europe: Viena (with Suzanne Heizenger company), Paris (monologue at Biblioteque Nationale) and Brussels (with Matej Kejzar at National Theatre Dance Festival).

Voces del Extremo is the name of the new album released by NIÑO DE ELCHE. Produced by Daniel Alonso (Pony Bravo) together with Raúl Pérez and Darío del Moral, the record is a compilation of texts by contemporary poets like Antonio Orihuela, Inma Luna, Bernardo Santos or Begoña Abad, who belong to a new radical social poetry movement called poesia de la conciencia (poetry of the awareness). Following the path set by his previous works, Voces del Extremo is not a flamenco record in the classic sense, with its compositions based on traditional palos (musical forms) but a record with songs sometimes closer to other genres such as kraut rock, ambient or 70s and 80s new wave.

NIÑO DE ELCHE is an unusual “cantaor” (flamenco singer). He is a multidisciplinary artist who combines the flamenco singing and toque (guitar playing) with performances, poetry, improvisation, minimalism, singer-songwriting, rock or electronics. He has published very diverse albums, like Sí, a Miguel Hernández (2013) homage to the Republican poet. In 2011 he created a show based on the paintings of Francis Bacon called “Vaconbacon, Cantar las fuerzas”, together with the collective “Bulos y Tanguerías”.

NIÑO DE ELCHE is a very versatile and active artist. He alternates his personal works with collaborations with unclassifiable art creators like curator Pedro G. Romero; he has worked with choreographers and dancers such as Juan Carlos Lérida, Israel Galván, Suzanne Heizenger or Matej Kejzar. He also collaborates with sound&video duo Los Voluble. Together they created Raverdial, a rave and flamenco show they presented last year at Sonar with ravishing reviews.

“Colombiana” (2019/Sony) new album.

All flamenco is a roundtrip song. This Spanish expression refers to specific selection of flamenco song that “travelled back” from Latin America (mainly Cuba)  when Spanish musical traditions and the rhythms brought back by African slaves and Native Americans developed into renewed forms that were reintroduced in Spain, with a different rhythm structure and more mellow character than traditional flamenco. These styles were not only guajiras or milongas, also the soleá and seguiriya. And the fandango, of course.

This round trip is the same sugar, coffee, cocoa and cane rum did. But this trip was interrupted between 1810 and 1898 and flamenco music went back to what it was before. So with this new album, Colombiana, NIÑO DE ELCHE is trying to continue that relationship that was so fluid, so fruitful, so flourishing. Although it is not about archeology this time, it is rather an anticipation. Here you can see the flamenco that is coming. The flamenco from the future is around the corner.

Unclassifiable rupturist, NIÑO DE ELCHE sings because he wants, what he wants and however he wants, because he knows and because he can. He is a multidisciplinary artist who leaves the door open for art, polemics, singing, criticism and reflection. And with the release of this latest album, Colombiana, there comes a new and impressive mise-en-scène, and a new rhythmic code to be added to his endless collection.
A new chapter in NIÑO DE ELCHE’s journey.

In collaboration with Whisper Not Agency and Plan B Music


  • Recordando a Triana


  • Voces del extremo


  • Antología del Cante Flamenco Heterodoxo


  • Colombiana