Experimental, Traditional

Raül Refree

New album “El Espacio entre” (Glitterbeat/tak:til, 20/01/2023)

Raül Refree is one of the most acclaimed producers of the last decade. In recent years, the musician and producer has revealed himself as a veritable goldsmith of southern folk music, expressing an incredible intuitive talent. An alchemist of sound, the Barcelona-born musician first set out to modernize the codes of flamenco alongside Rocío Márquez, Niño de Elche, Rosálía and Sílvia Pérez Cruz. He also collaborates with rock experimenters such as Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, brings new light to fado with Lina, and more recently to traditional Asturian music with Rodrigo Cuevas. His first solo album, La Otra Mitad, is an infinitely graceful raw record where haunting explorations on acoustic and electric guitar meet hushed electronics. After many fruitful collaborations with the cinema, at the end of 2020 he presented the cine-concert La Aldea Maldita (The Cursed Village), Florián Rey’s silent film masterpiece (1930), for which he created a soundtrack. This expressionist drama of the rural exodus inspired a conceptual and deeply immersive reverie on the idea of emptiness and abandonment. The result is his second solo album, released in January 2023, El Espacio, a highly personal extrapolation, an elegiac marvel.

•Award best album World Music charts Europe 2020 with Lina_ Raül Refree
•Nominated in the 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in the category “Best New Artist” with the project “Rosalía – Los Ángeles” (2017)
•Nominated in the UK Music Video Awards 17 in the category “Best styling in a video in association with i-d” with the video “De Plata” from the album “Rosalía – Los Ángeles” (2017)
•Award Rolling Stone Spain “Best group/soloist of the year” for granada (2014)
•Album of the year for the magazine Rockdelux for granada (2014)
•Award Altaveu “Best Album” for granada (2014)
•Award Enderrock Magazine – Joan Trayter “Best Musical Production” (2011)
•Award Ciutat de Barcelona (2008)
• Award Puig Porret pour  La matrona (2005)
• Award Altaveu “Meilleur album pop-rock” pour  La matrona (2005)
• Album of the year magazine Enderrock pour  La matrona (2005)
• Album of the year Rockdelux  pour Nones (2003)



  • La otra mitad


  • El Espacio Entre