Indie Folk, tunisie


Available on tour 2023/2024 – New album Denia Dour (25/03/2022 French Flair/ Peer Music)
Sabrine Jenhani: vocals, composition
Ramy Zoghlemi: Guitar, vocals, composition

Revealed at the end of 2015 with original mashups of oriental and western songs and after two acclaimed albums, the duo Ÿuma is now asserting itself as one of the leaders of Tunisian alternative music.
Sabrine Jenhani and Ramy Zoghlami offer us a minimalist folk music with
the lyrics in Tunisian dialect address in a methaphoric and progressive way social themes dear to the new generations, such as the status of women. Despite the language barrier, the charm works, thanks to lyrical melodies and poignant phrasing. Since 2015, Ÿuma has played over 100 shows in North Africa and Europe, including critically acclaimed festival performances at Reeperbhan or Les Vieilles Charrues. After Chura in 2016 and Poussières d’Étoiles in 2018, their third album Hannet El Kloub, to be released in March 2022, produced by Jo Francken and Pieterjan Maertens (Tamino, Zaz…) will delight the many fans of this committed and moving duo.