• The Johnny Staccato Band

    The Johnny Staccato Band

  • Tribute to José Renato

    Tribute to José Renato

    It is with immense sorrow that we announce the death of José Renato, who passed away on July 25th 2014. Every single day Jose, chairman of Viavox Production, passed on his knowledge, his relevant look at our work and his passion for music and art in general to us. We already terribly miss his elegance, humility, kindness, generosity, integrity and impish mind. For the sake of his memory we will make sure to follow his path according to his wish while thinking intensely about him.

  • Miguel Poveda

    Miguel Poveda

  • Rocio Marquez

    Rocio Marquez

  • Minino Garay y los tambores del sur

    Minino Garay y los tambores del sur